High Pressure PumpExcellent , Innovation product has whole system solution plan , what is long –life , high performance with accordance delivery.

The high-pressure fuel pump can be customized and applied to the high-pressure common rail engine system. The product has good batch production processability, and some prototypes have reached the level of imported products. At present, it has the ability to design, develop, batch and test all kinds of high pressure fuel pumps.


  • Product design development verification process is strictly based on SAE J2714
  • 100% performance verification
  • Provides fast control valve response time
  • Reduce pulsation by optimizing seal shape
  • Increased working pressure with DLC coated plunger (longer service life)
  • Safety valve integration, built-in safety valve
  • Eliminate external leakage and minimize internal leakage.
  • Independent intellectual property protection
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