Quality ManagementTo become the leading global supplier of automotive industry professional

With more efficient method     AOTON control the product from each bit and every piece


AOTON is proud of its reputation as leading manufacturer for engine parts and emission part for EMS system . As a professional manufacturer, AOTON invests into products’ molds independently based on years of understanding of markets and products. The quality control will be hereby stricter than before, as it ensures our direct involvement into selection and process control of raw materials, injecting AOTON’S understanding of quality into the products completely.  Now we are carrying out and have passed the authentication of ISO 9001:2000 & TS 16949, focus on supplier assessment, RM inspection and quality status analysis , continuously improved production technology , to ensure each production line is match exactly .

AOTON always follows principles of source control so as to rule out future problems for customers. We guarantee that all products into AOTON supply categories have passed strict examination and complied with the standards, removing all unqualified products. Meanwhile, sound and highly-efficient procedure ensure AOTON’S regular evaluation towards all suppliers, which sustain the stability of product quality continuously. What’s more, AOTON constantly enhances understanding of supply chains and related issues, borrows advancing and efficient standards in this aspect and consistently performs integration and optimization of suppliers, pledging to provide customers with most competitive products under most effective supply modes.


Process control    It is the key to improving quality level in enterprises that controls and improves the procedure.


Based upon TS 16949 management system, AOTON sets up standard operation guide books towards all operations to realize rule-based target. Meanwhile, AOTON, via adopting ERP operational system, integrates the workflow condition and data information in particular during the business flow process. Additionally, we can not only record all the information concerning our previous cooperation for your reference, but also conduct necessary data analysis for your decision-making. 

People-oriented procedure, AOTON adopts effective training system to ensure that each staff performs by procedure, leading to consistent results. Meanwhile, the conception of strictness and earnest of AOTON has deeply rooted in their hearts as high responsibility and execution are the guidelines of our work, because it is creating customers success that is our tasks.